You need to implement Stripe payments on your WooCommerce site, but it’s not enabled by default, fortunately, the Stripe plugin for WooCommerce is simple to use and includes flexible features.


This tutorial uses the Stripe Plugin for WooCommerce  to enhance the capabilities of WooCommerce.

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The Solution

What do you want your store to do?

The obvious answer is to make money, of course. To achieve the goal of making money, you need a smooth checkout process with a secure payment system. The good news is that the Stripe plugin has all these features and more. 

Why your store needs the Stripe 

Stripe is considered the gold standard when it comes eCommerce. It’s reliable and because of this, has a high conversation payment rate. Here’s how Stripe helps your business:

Payments: With a fully integrated platform, you can accept and set up recurring payments. 

Billing: Stripe offers a flexible billing model that allows you to bill once-off or regularly. If you have a promotion on the site, you can adjust billing to include usage-based, tiered, or promotion-based payments.

The Stripe plugin for WooCommerce

Stripe allows you to accept all payments directly to your store, without redirection to an external page. This means that customers will stay on your store’s website, which could lead to a higher conversion rate. 

You can also accept all major credit and debit cards – without any extra charges or hidden fees. 

Many small and large eCommerce stores are using the Stripe payment system. Why? The following features can be applied to any sized business and are very beneficial to your store:

PCI compliant checkout system

With the help of front-end, design, and analytics team, Stripe Elements minimises the user error to help increase the number of successful payments. It offers realtime feedback to ensure a smooth and secure checkout process.

Local payment methods

With simple integration, you can support payments from around the world. This can be activated from your Stripe Dashboard, with no secondary contracts or additional plugins. 

Fast checkout for mobile and desktop

The plugin comes with built-in support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and the Payment Request API that will help speed up checkout for your customers on desktop and mobile.

Fraud protection

Stripe Radar detects and blocks and fraudulent activity. It can help you distinguish fraudsters from customers and apply Dynamic 3D Secure to high-risk payments. It is fully integrated with the rest of the Stripe system so there is no difficult extra installation. 


The setup is easy and with automatic installation, you don’t need to deal with a file transfer or leave your web browser. Follow these steps:

  • To get started, download the Stripe Plugin for WooCommerce
  • Once you’ve downloaded the plugin, go to Plugins > Add New and upload the file.
  • After installing and activating the plugin, navigate to your WooCommerce Settings and select the Payments tab. Here you can activate payment methods and modify settings for capture and payment request buttons. You will also be prompted to setup webhooks to ensure Stripe can communicate with your WooCommerce installation.
  • Complete your webhook setup and voila, you’re done!