For most online stores, simplicity is key. Instead of letting your customers know every detail about your product, you stick with the important stuff. For the customer that doesn’t have enough time to browse your store (and is looking for a quick and easy checkout) a simple layout with the necessary information will do. What about the customer that has that extra few minutes to browse?

With the WooCommerce Tab Manager extension, you can create tabs that are relevant to your customers’ needs.

If you’re confident, you can skip the tutorial and get the WooCommerce Tab Manager plugin right away.


This tutorial uses the WooCommerce Tab Manager plugin to enhance the capabilities of WooCommerce.

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The Solution

The beauty of the customizable tab

Having an extra tab may give it that extra oomph that is enough to have the customer add to cart. How? Most online stores use the tab to provide extra information. This could be size charts, the product uses – any information that could help you sell the item. 

Customers are on your website to make a quick buying decision (whether they’re browsing or not). Your job is to provide the information they can trust because the only point-of-reference they have is an image of your product. For new (and potential) customers especially, information is power, which is why you need to answer their questions before they ask it. 

For example, if you’re providing a printing t-shirt service, people want to know the t-shirt material, colours available, more information regarding the size of the graphic, and shipping fees. 

You may already have a short description section of the product but adding this information may be a headache to read. With the WooCommerce Tab Manager, you can display all this information in a simple and easy-to-manage tab. 

Now, if a customer is looking specifically for t-shirt graphic information, it’s as easy as clicking on a tab – instead of reading multiple paragraphs to find the relevant information. 

What you can do with WooCommerce Tab Manager

With the WooCommerce Tab Manager extension, you can create tabs that are relevant to your needs. These include:

  • Core tabs: This allows you to re-order, remove, or rename the core Description, Additional Information, and Reviews tabs
  • 3rd Party tabs: Most tabs added by 3rd party plugins will be automatically detected and will be sortable
  • Global tabs: Create tabs that can be added to more than one product, allowing for easy content sharing and saving you time. These can also be restricted to display only on certain product categories 
  • Product level tabs: Create tabs that are customized to a specific product.
  • Create a default tab layout that can be applied to all products. This can be re-ordered as well. 
  • Override the default layout on a per-product basis to customize tabs for a single product.
  • Add any number of custom product tabs and order them
  • Include tab content in site search results

How to install Tab Manager

As always, installing this extension is very easy. In three easy steps, you can begin to customise and manage all your tabs: 

  1. First, you need to purchase the  WooCommerce Tab Manager plugin.
  2. Download and install into your WooCommerce store
  3. Start adding tabs under Product Data, or add global tabs under WooCommerce > Tab Manager

Once you’ve installed the extension, you can manage the tabs any way you want.