If you opt to show Categories on the main shop page in the WooCommerce Pages settings tab, the shop will show all category images, however because you are supressing products from being shown on the main page, the Pagination code cannot provide any navigation to go to the next page since there is no next page. However, the code that queries how many items are in that category or post type will show a total based on whatever number you have chosen in Settings > Reading. So if you have it set to show 8 posts per page and you have 16 products, the count will say “Page 1 of 2” but if you only have 5 categories, there will be no second page.

The Solution

This is a limitation of how the Category filter works in WooCommerce. Choose “Both” from the Pages options instead so your products begin after the initial category images are shown.This is ideal for your customer, as it still allows them to use the WooCommerce filters to filter products how is best for them.

If you prefer only categories to be visible on page 1, but products to begin on page 2, set Settings > Reading to equal the number of Product Categories you have.