The Solution

  1. Go to WooCommerce  Settings
  2. Click on Shipping
  3. Click the Free Shipping link
  4. Select “Free Shipping Requires…” → A Valid Free Shipping Coupon
  5. Click on WooCommerce → Coupon and create a new coupon
  6. Enter the code you want people to enter in the Title field (this should be less than 8 characters)
  7. Select Product Discount from the Discount Type drop-down
  8. Tick the Allows Free Shipping option
  9. Click Publish

When this coupon is entered and applied to the cart, the Free Shipping option will appear where the user may select it.

For further help and support for WooCommerce, see:

WooCommerce Customize my account page by YITH

Have you seen the WooCommerce Customize my account page extension? It lets you create coupons based on different rules for different users, it’s pretty smart and a great way to get more users to convert.

Get it here