The Solution


One of the hardest things about managing an online business is implementing constant changes especially for different scenarios. The workload is increased because one now has to focus on the development aspects as well as the core business of the site. An alternative would be to pay someone else to focus on those development aspects however most of the time this turns out to be a very costly exercise. 


To address this problem, webflow has a new added feature called logic which enables you to pre-define how your site should respond to different scenarios without writing a single line of code. This acts as an automation tool which allows you to focus on the core aspects of your site while your web logic works as you would want it to in the background.


The rules and conditions you want implemented can be set within the dashboard of Webflow logic. For example you can set an automated response to be sent to your subscribers when they click a certain button or a page they can be directed to should they inquire about something. There is no limit to the possibilities.


Logic can be used as a tool for capturing customer information, syncing the CMS, and for connecting all your websites and apps within minutes.The functionality is not only limited to what you want to output to the user.  Data that is received can also be used to make decisions based on what a user submits to your site. For example, you may be advertising vacancies on your site and a candidate can proceed to the next step of your interview process based on what they submit to you without you having to manually look and select applicants.


Pricing can also be set differently based on who browses your site or even how many times they have been viewing a certain product. Discounts can be set for people that meet certain criterias or on certain days – everything depends on how you want it done or


The major merit of using webflow logic is the fact that you do not need to worry about maintaining and debugging code as it has been built with the idea of removing complexity in mind. Should there be any error with regards to how your rules and conditions are set, simply head on to your dashboard and use the interface provided to change them.