The Problem

These errors may appear when loading a site using oEmbed video links with oEmbed features enabled such as thumbnails or video meta. The chance for the error increases the more videos are loaded or if the video host is experiencing issues or long load times.

The Solution

This error indicates a failure for the oembed script to connect successfully to your video host’s API. In most cases it is resolved by reloading the page. The error can also occur if the URL format of your oembed URL is wrong. To verify, edit the post that should appear where you see the error. Check the Video Link URL to ensure it uses the correct format:


Vimeo URLs should be copied from the address bar, or the “Long URL” option in the share panel and look like this:

Make sure the url does not have an https:// prefix, or any trailing values such as ?rel=0 or similar. Videos set as Private will not work with oEmbed and may also cause these errors


Youtube URLs should be copied from the browser and NOT the share field/shorturl, and look like this:

Evaluate Your Site

If the error is happening often, reduce the number of videos loaded on the page at once, disable “auto-generate thumbnails” in your theme options (Ambition, Azione, Motion Picture), or disable “video meta” options in themes that have them to reduce the number of calls made to the API.

If you are not using oEmbed, make sure “Auto-Generate Thumbnails” and “Video Meta” are unchecked in your theme options panel, if available.

For themes with fully integrated oEmbed, if you encounter slowdowns, run Google Pagespeed to determine if there is a true slowdown or if the issue is your connection to your video host. For broader issues affecting your visitors, ensure your host allows enough bandwidth or PHP memory for oEmbed to successfully connect. If issues persist, you will need to use normal embeds and not use oEmbed.