The Problem

This is a Mod

This is considered a modification, so do it at your own risk! Make a backup of your existing file so you can replace it if something goes wrong and you need to start over.  Modified files WILL probably be replaced by a theme update at some point so keep note of your changes for future reference or see our guides below. Please note that we cannot assist you with modifying your theme or support problems you encounter as a result!

If you are modifying a theme as part of a client project, the following are really important!

How to Modify Your Theme the Right Way

How to Track Update Changes and Maintain Modifications

The Solution

The following steps are specific to Gigawatt but can be applied to other themes using the standard Portfolio post type (Knead, Press Two, Personal, TinyBlog, Waves, Dynamo)

    1. Go to AppearanceEditor and click on fetch-portfolio.php
    2. Look for the following code, which is right around the closing </ul> of your main portfolio image container or column.
      <?php endforeach; ?>
    3. Place your cursor before the closing </ul> and hit enter to create a blank line.
    4. Copy and paste the following into that blank line
      <?php if(comments_open()){comments_template();} ?>
    5. You should now have
      <?php endforeach; ?>
      <?php if(comments_open()){comments_template();} ?>
    6. Click Update File