The Solution

Elementor has grown to become more than just a web editing tool but now offers cloud services. This is done through its latest offering which has been termed Elementor Cloud. This service allows you to get everything you need in one place such as hosting, WordPress pre-installed, security and all the Elementor Pro web-creation tools for design without having to worry about technicalities.


There is no need for third parties to host your website as this can now be included in your elementor plan.The Elementor cloud service is backed by the Google Cloud Platform which is one of the largest cloud services providers in the world and is trusted by top tier companies.


Elementor Cloud uses a Content Delivery Network  which is managed by Cloudfare which in turn has multiple servers across the globe – so visitors are automatically directed to the closest server which helps improve site speed.


You still have the ability to use a domain of your choice without restriction.You’re in total control of your domain. Simply Connect your custom domain and link  your Elementor Website to your brand.


Elementor Cloud also comes with a dashboard which allows one to control every aspect of their website in one place. These aspects include connecting a domain, backing up and restoring site data from an old backup.


Content storage has been set to 20gb while bandwidth is a mammoth 100gb thus ensuring a top site experience for visitors. This also means that elementor cloud is designed for web traffic of up to 100 000 unique monthly visits. A daily backup is also automatically done for you and you also have the option to run your own random backup manually, as often as you need to.


Elementor Cloud allows you to lock your site while maintenance or building is being done. This means that your prospective clients will not be exposed to bugs and glitches that could potentially pop up while work is in progress.


Many people often get confused by new features and do not know how to navigate this new experience. Thankfully, elementor cloud has a 24/7 premium support team which is there to attend to your needs and questions. This is for anyone(whether you are a new user or advanced) and the support team answers you within one day.


An Elementor Cloud Website is best suited for creators who want to build their websites hassle free and solely focus on their creative process.It can also be a quick solution for someone who want to build websites for clients and makes it easy for the client to maintain.The price for all features is fixed at $99 a year with no hidden fees.