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Stylist Content: Widgetized Pages

The Widgetized Page template allows you to create internal pages for your site that use the same dynamic widget layout as the home page. The widgetized page template in your theme supports one special setting in the Page Options panel (Header, explained below) and will create two widget panels per page assigned to this template (Slider and Body). The slider panel is not used if the page settings are set to hide it. Do not use this page template as a static homepage! Use the Widget-Driven home layout under Theme Options to widgetize the home page.

Create a Widgetized Page

  1. Click PagesAdd New
  2. Enter a page Title
  3. Select Widgetized from the Template drop-down under Page Attributes
  4. Click Publish

Setup Your Widgets

Your Widgetized page will create two additional widget panels in your Appearance Widgets area, at bottom-right. The panels will have your page’s name followed by the panel title. These areas mimic the Home Page or slider widget areas used for building a Widget-Driven home page. Drag the corresponding widgets into the panels in whichever configuration you choose to build a dynamic page. widgetized

Set the Header Option

Expand the page options panel and select whether to display the Title or the Slider on your widgetized page (located below the header image settings). If Slider is selected, go to Appearance > Widgets and add a slider to the widgetized Page's "Slider" panel, located at the bottom right. Widgets placed in the Body panel show up first, with any page content displayed last: widgetized-page