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Obox Mobile 2: Setup Your Mobile Menu

After installing your Obox theme or Plugin, you will need to setup a special mobile menu. The mobile menu has several benefits:

  • Itallows you to exclude pages from your navigation that you only want available on the main site
  • You may simplify/condense the navigation to only contain a few links if your main site navigation has a lot of links. This helps avoid a menu that forces the user to scroll to see all the options
  • Allows you to link to pages or categories you have setup for mobile only.

Get started by going to AppearanceMenus

  1. Click on the [Manage Locations] tab.
  2. Select a menu from the Mobile Navigation drop-down, or click Use a New Menu
  3. Select pages or categories to add to the menu and drag and drop in the desired order. For best results, do not create any sub-menus and limit your navigation to less than 6-7 links.
  4. Click Save Menu


You can find more details on the WordPress website: Appearance Menus Sub Panel.