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Obox Mobile 2: Adverts

Obox Mobile Adverts allow you to setup mobile-friendly advertisements that only appear on the Obox Mobile version of your site. The Adverts feature supports three advert locations, each supporting one ad banner:

  • Header
  • Below post
  • Footer

Get started by going to Obox Mobile Adverts

Adding Adverts

  1. Add a Title for your header advert. This title is mainly used for SEO purposes and voice-based browsing for the visually impaired and will not actually show.
  2. Enter the URL for the advert to link to. For best results, grab the mobile-friendly version of the desitnation page if one is available.
  3. Enter a URL or click Browse/Choose Files to set the advert image. For Ad networks such as Google Ads or chitka, skip this step
    • This image should be 300 pixels wide by 50 pixels tall.
  4. If you prefer to load dynamic ads from a network such as Google Ads, setup a 300×50 ad in your network’s ad manager and copy/paste the ad code into the Advert Script field.
  5. Check Show Only in Posts or Show for Guests Only if you want to restrict ads to these scenarios.

Show for Guests Only will keep the ads from displaying for you if you are logged into the WordPress admin.