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Foundation Content: Services

The Services post type is great for showcasing any single structure of related content. Services are displayed using the Content Widget, which is a full-width template that lists a specific category service’s featured image and title in the number of columns selected.

These items do not link anywhere from the widget and are intended to communicate specific sales or bullet point information in a condensed fashion.

Add Services

  1. Click on ServicesAdd New
  2. Enter the service name in the Title field
  3. Enter the service information in the post editor or Excerpt field. For best results, keep the info to one paragraph.
  4. Click Browse in the Options panel to set a featured image (or click Set Featured Image)
  5. Enter a number into the Order field to specify which position this service should appear in with 1 being first/on top. You may optionally leave all at 0 and WordPress will decide how to order the posts. Order may also be entered from the main Services post list in your admin area by clicking Quick Edit on the post.
  6. Select a Category
  7. Click Publish

Example Services shown in the Content Widget using a 3 Column layout:

  1. Widget Title
  2. Widget Description
  3. Service Post Title
  4. Service Excerpt (or content, auto-excerpted)
  5. Feature Image
    • This example uses a transparent png
  6. Background color set in the widget