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Department: Shop Sidebar Page Template

The Shop Sidebar page allows you to create custom shop pages using Woo shortcodes, while retaining the Shop sidebar. If you do not need a sidebar, you may find the widgetized page template to be more flexible and better formatted.

Create an On Sale page (example)

  1. Click on PagesAdd New
  2. Give your page a Title
  3. Enter the following Woo Shortcode in the page editor. You may choose from other pre-fab shortcodes under the WooCommerce shortcode button in the editor toolbar, if desired.
    [sale_products per_page="9"]
    For a detailed overview of using WooShortcodes, see How to Setup WooCommerce Pages Using Shortcodes
  4. Select the Shop Sidebar option in the Page Template section to the right of the page editor
  5. Click Publish
  6. View the page by clicking View Page
Depending on how you format your shortcodes, you may need to use Custom CSS to adjust the content to work with your specifications. Your theme's product archives are designed for a specific number of columns, typically 2-3, so choosing a non-standard column count may result in "staggering" or broken looking rows because the image size is not in line with that column count. Additionally, Woo may add styling classes to shortcode elements which are not covered by the theme. Please refer to the plugin documentation on using and formatting shortcodes for more detail. For questions or styling help, feel free to contact support. The following snippet is helpful in cases where your products are breaking into one column instead of two and may be placed in your theme's Custom CSS box in Theme Options:
.page-template-shop-sidebar-page-php .products li:nth-child(2n+2) {margin-right: 0px;}
.add_to_cart_button, .added_to_cart, .single_add_to_cart_button, .button.product_type_variable{color: #FFF !important;}