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Ambition: How to Create a Blog Page

There are two ways to create post archives – by categories or formats,  or by using a page template.

Categories (used on the demo for Latest News)

Ambition is designed to use a unique category layout for showcasing your posts, as seen in the theme demo here.

This layout is created automatically based on the posts Categories or Formats. The layout of the post list will adjust to the post format the archive represents – if all posts in a category use the Video format, for example, they will display using large thumbnails in 3 columns rather than small thumbnails in rows.

To use the blog layout, go to AppearanceMenus and add your categories to the menu by checking them in the Category box on the lower-left side. You may need to click View All to view all your categories. Alternatively, you may select a format to show all posts of a specific format from across more than one category:

Click Add to Menu, then drag into the desired position and click Save.

Using the Blog Page Template

You may prefer to create a traditional blog page. This is achieved using a page template and will display your latest Posts(standard, video and audio)  in chronological order. View the demo here.

To setup your blog using this template:

  1. Click PagesAdd New
  2. Add a title
  3. Select the Blog template from the Page Template drop-down on the right side.
  4. Click Publish
  5. Go to AppearanceMenus and add the page to your menu.