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Ambition Content: Skills

The Skills post type can be used to present any collection of information. Skills can be used to build a digital CV, show off your achievements and awards, or offer details on special packages or services.

View the Skills Demo Page

Create your Skills list page:

  1.  Click PagesAdd New
  2. Enter a page title
  3. Select Skills from the Template drop down in the right-hand sidebar
  4. Click  Publish

Add Skills content:

Skill Categories are used to create the tabs or sub-menu links you see in the widget and page template. The below example walks you through creating sections of a CV.

  1.     Click  Skills Categories
  2.     Enter “General Skills” into the Name field of the Add New Category form, then click Add New Category.
  3.     Repeat to add a few more sections, such as “Employment,” “Academics” and “Achievements.”
  4.     Click SkillsAdd Skills Item
  5.     Fill out the relevant fields of the Skills Optionspanel located below the post editor.
    • See details below on the available options and how you might fill them out.
    •  Additional options are not required.
  6.     Once you’ve added your content, click Publish
  • Title: Where did you work or get your skills?
  • Description: Give us a brief description of where you worked and your skills.
  • Website Link: If you have a specific link to the place you worked or where you gained your skills, place it here.
  • Position: What position did you hold?
  • City: In which City did you achieve your skill?
  • Country: In which Country did you achieve your skill?