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Ambition Content: Events

Events are date-oriented posts appropriate for listing things like concert dates, appearances, parties or sports games. A featured video or image can be attached to the post for a full presentation.

View the Events Demo page

Create your Events list page:

  1. Click PagesAdd New
  2. Enter in “Events” into the page title
  3. Select Events from the Template drop-down under Page Attributes in the right-hand sidebar
  4. Select how you want Events to be sorted in the Page Options panel below the page editor.
  5. Click Publish

Add Event content:

  1. Click Events  → Add Events Item
  2. Fill out the Map location, Address and Times at the bottom of the Events Options panel. Optionally add an image or featured video. See details below on the available options.
  3. Once you’ve added your content, click Publish
  • Title: What is the name of your event?
  • Description: Give us a brief description of your event.
  • Image: If you have an image of your event, upload it here.
  • Video Link: If you have a video of your event upload it here or add the embed code. Please note that if you have a video, it will display instead of the image.
  • SoundCloud: Is your event music related? Add the SoundCloud embed code here. Please note that if you have a video or image, SoundCloud will display instead of those content items.
  • Google Maps Location: Add the location of your event, you can either enter in the Address or Longitude + Latitude. This will then displayed via Google Maps in your post.
  • Address Shown: If you’ve entered Longitude + Latitude then we suggest including an address description, such as “San Diego, California”
  • Start Time: What date and time does your event start?
  • End Time: What date and time does your event end?