General Enhancements:


  • AppearanceHeader will now set a global header background image or texture in the header area of the theme (behind your logo and menu).  Images should be at least 1920x300px tall and contain no embedded text for best results.
  • Featured videos/hosted video will now appear in the main post body. See this article if you wish to hide the featured video in order to embed the video yourself elsewhere in the post body.
  • Added support for custom backgrounds under Appearance → Background. Note that in the interest of allowing separate background colors for the list pages vs the post in the customizer, your custom background will not be visible without custom css that removes the background color from the content container. Globally, this CSS is:

#content-container{background-color: transparent !important;}

General Fixes

  • The background attachment option in posts (fixed, scroll) will now be picked up by the post styles.
  • Added overrides to the post styles – this means they will now ultimately override all other styling, including the customizer

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