Done Deal 2.0 is a major update offering several enhancements, WordPress 3.5 compatibility and updated widgets. Due to the size of the update, we strongly recommend you reinstall your theme with a freshly downloaded copy of 2.0. If you purchased Done Deal through Themeforest, it may take awhile for the update to be approved. You may try updating through the Theme Updater if you do not wish to wait.

How to Update

  1. Download the update file using the link below.
  2. View the Update Manually section of this article 
  3. Do not use the update file to reinstall!


  1. Connect to your site via FTP and go to wp-content/themes
  2. Rename your existing donedeal folder to donedeal123
  3. Unzip the full theme 2.0 package (
  4. Upload the new donedeal folder

View detailed instructions here

After Updating : What You Need to Do

This update changes how your images are handled, and adds new options. You will need to verify your theme settings and widgets.

  1. Go to PluginsAdd New
  2. Search for “regenerate thumbnails” and Install/Activate the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin
  3. Go to ToolsRegen Thumbnails and click Regenerate Thumbnails. This process may take several minutes.
    • Do not navigate away from the page until it is complete. You may continue with these instructions in a new browser tab.
  4. Go to Theme Options and verify your Post Meta options
  5. Go to your Widgets page and reconfigure your widgets. Pay special attention to widgets that require saving filters.

For details on setup of new widget options, view the Done Deal documentation.

General Enhancements

  • New Welcome page has quick start tips, link to demo content and theme documentation
  • Blog widget now matches blog layout
  • Call to action widget has intro text field and can show custom button text for selected pages
  • Popular posts widget updated to support categories
  • Twitter widget supports retweets and replies
  • Social widget has more networks and updated icons
  • Slider widget now supports products
  • Theme Options added for hiding meta and social sharing
  • Custom CSS added to Theme Options for storing customizations in database – please move any styles in custom.css into this field.
  • Image handling now uses WP Thumbnail functions. You may continue to upload images using “Set Featured Image”

General Fixes

  • Removed author/date meta from pricing and quotes pages
  • Added missing styles to color styles – hover color and button should now match on red and brown styles
  • Info Box icon size will resize in widget and set your featured thumbnail automatically
  • Improved support for localization
  • Updated depreciated functions
  • Improved support for oEmbed

Update Your Theme or Download Update (requires login)