This update adds the new Twitter Timeline widget and improves existing widget functions. As a result your widgets may reset.

Actions to Take:

1. Go to AppearanceWidgets and expand your widgets to review and set any new settings. This is especially important in the column widgets where you must select a post type, save, select a filter, save, then select a category, if desired.

2. Expand the new Twitter Timeline widget (if used) to add your widget code. See this article for details.

General Enhancements:

  • Column widgets now may all display all post types
  • Titles added to two and four column widget
  • Sidebar and homepage slider images adjusted to support portrait images (now scales by max-height)
  • New Twitter Timeline widget

General Fixes

  • Debug error cleanup
  • Updated depreciated code
  • oEmbed images will no longer overlap in widgets
  • Pages no longer display post meta
  • Theme menu can now be accessed by anyone with manage_options capability

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