After an order is received, you may notice it in the order index in WordPress, but not in your inbox.

The Solution

This is either a WooCommerce configuration issue, or a problem with your server that is not allowing the email to be sent.

Verify WooCommerce Settings

  1. Go to WooCommerce Settings and click on Emails
  2. Ensure all fields are filled out correctly
  3. Click on New Order at the top and check Enable this Email Notification then click Save Changes
  4. Repeat for any other action type link for which you want email notifications

If the above does not help, log out of WordPress and visit the login screen. Click the forgot password link and see if you receive the email from WordPress.

If so, WordPress is probably not the issue and the problem is related to WooCommerce. Ensure you have updated the plugin, then engage WooCommerce Support.

If you do not get an email from WordPress, login and visit your Settings page to verify the admin email address. Test sending email to this address from a different email account or service you have setup to use it to determine if there is an issue with the domain or email setup.