By default, Mijireh and other WooCommerce extensions may not look great in your theme as the theme does not provide specific styling support for all plugins or WooCommerce extensions (they are simply too numerous or may cost money to test or support). This article provides some tips on how to use Mijireh’s “page slurp” to attempt to build styling for its pages, or how to build your own Custom CSS.

The Solution

Note: As of WooCommerce 2.2+ Mijireh is no longer included in WooCommerce core and has been retired from our catalog. It is available as a free extension download from Mijireh.

“Slurp” Your Mijireh pages

“Slurping” is a feature of your Mijireh account that will scan your site and attempt to build a custom template from it for your Mijireh pages. Your site needs to be publically accessible (so disable maintenance mode before slurping) and should be fully setup and customized for best results.

Learn more about slurping here

Create Your Own Custom Styles

Mijireh offers some tips here for customizing slurped pages that still have display issues: Mijireh Display Issues

You may also try the following Custom CSS provided by one of our customers who uses Kiosk. Place the code into the Custom CSS box in your Theme Options:

/*- MIJIREH---*/
.mijireh_order_form .form-horizontal .controls{width: auto; position: relative; top: inherit; left: inherit; z-index: 3;
.controls{width: 30px; position: absolute; top: 10px; left: 10px; z-index: 3;}


For help and support for Mijireh, including slurp results, please see their knowledgebase