The Problem

This error can occur for many reasons, so it is important to ensure that the file at the end of the error is as described here (setup.php)

The setup.php issue occurs in our older themes using OCMX 2.9 or earlier and is an incompatibility with your host’s MySQL setup and the OCMX gallery function which needs to create tables in the database.

The Solution

  1. Ensure your theme is up to date, or download a fresh copy from your Obox Dashboard and reinstall it (this has been resolved in most themes)
  2. If the issue persists, open the functions.php file and look for the following lines and remove them:
add_action('after_setup_theme', 'ocmx_setup');

//Check if we need to upgrade the Gallery Table

If issues persist, delete the content of the following files (if you are not code-savvy, you can install the Solid Code Theme Editor plugin to access these files from within WordPress)