This article pertains to our “Dynapack” series of eCommerce themes such as Dynamo, Flatpack, Store, Jumbo, Loft, Capital etc

The Title Banner is the large title at the top of pages and posts that contains the title text, excerpt and background, if enabled.

You may configure defaults for the Title banner under Theme Options on the Header tab, such as whether it is enabled or disabled everywhere, whether the excerpt is enabled, and whether to show breadcrumbs or not. These settings are global, which means they affect the title banner everywhere. This article explains how to hide the title banner or text on a specific page, if you wish to keep it enabled.


The Solution

Getting the Body Class

To hide the entire title banner (not including the breadcrumbs), you must determine the page’s unique body class.

If you right-click the page and choose “View Source” or use the browser Inspector to view the HTML/source code area, locate the <body> element to view its class names:


In this example, the selector for this page is “page-id-82”. We could also use “page-template-fullwidth-php” to affect ALL pages using the full-width page template, but we want ONLY this page.

Using the selector in Custom CSS

Using the above selector in combination with the normal style for the title banner, you can hide it or change properties associated with it such as padding, fonts, etc. The following example hides the banner completely:

.page-id-82 #title-container{display: none;}

This code is placed in the Custom CSS box in Theme Options > General under the Custom Styling section. For further help with using the browser inspector see

How to Find the ID or class name for an element to use in Custom CSS