This article relates only to our series of “Dynapack” ecommerce themes(Dynamo, Flatpack, Capital, Department, etc) which have a top bar or Contact Header bar option in Theme Options. These themes support displaying the WPML Language Switcher in the top bar to the left of the shopping cart button.

For the switcher to appear and function properly, the below settings must be set in WPML.


The Solution

  1. Go to WPMLLanguages
  2. Scroll down to the Language Switcher Options and ensure None is selected in the first dropdown menu for “Choose where to display the language switcher widget:”
  3. Ensure the following two options are unchecked:
    • Display ‘Languages’ as the widget title
    • Display the language switcher in the WP Menu
  4. Under Language Switcher Style, select “Drop Down Menu” and choose Mobile-Friendly Always
  5. Under What to Include in the Language Switcher, verify the following choices per your setup:
    •  Flag
    • Native language name (the language name as it’s written in that language)
    • Language name in display language (the language name as it’s written in the currently displayed language)
  6. Click Apply at the bottom of the Language Switcher options section.

Under Language URL format, ensure one of the first two options is selected. Do NOT use url parameter as it is incompatible with some WooCommerce gateways and some plugins.


If your language switcher is not dropping down on the shop page, return to the options:

1. Copy and Paste the following into the Additional CSS box and customize the colors if you like:

#lang_sel ul ul {z-index: 999;}
#lang_sel, #lang_sel_click{float: right; height: 100%; width: auto;  padding: 0 10px; min-width: 100px; border-left: 1px solid #cccccc;}
#lang_sel a.lang_sel_sel, #lang_sel_click a.lang_sel_sel{color: #7e7e7e;}
#lang_sel a, #lang_sel a:visited, #lang_sel_click a, #lang_sel_click a:visited{border: 0; padding: 4px;}
#lang_sel_click ul ul{top: 35px;}
#lang_sel_click li{height: 30px; background: #FFF;}

2. Click Apply

An alternative tool for multilingual websites is Weglot, find out more about Weglot here.


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