Almost all currently active Obox Themes using the Content Widget have included a Custom Title Link field in the widget which is intended to provide this functionality. Add the page or category link to this field to allow visitors to click through to the full page the content represents.

This modification adds a “Read More” link to the four column widget, using the Motion Picture theme as an example, and can be applied to any theme (note that the line numbers may vary). This mod is appropriate for including a call to action button, “Visit the blog” or category link to invite users to see more content on your blog or category page.

This is considered a modification, and is provided as-is. We expect you understand what you are doing if applying coding changes using these or other WordPress tutorials. Make a backup of your existing file so you can replace it if something goes wrong and you need to start over. Modified files WILL probably be replaced by a theme update at some point, so keep note of your changes for future reference or see our guides below. We cannot assist you with modifying your theme or support problems you encounter as a result!

If you are modifying a theme as part of a client project, the following are really important!

How to Modify Your Theme the Right Way
How to Track Update Changes and Maintain Modifications

The Solution

  1. Open the content-widget.php in an HTML editor and look for </li><!--end widget -->
    • This is typically around line 165
  2. Create a new line above this by placing your cursor at the beginning of the </li> and hit Enter
  3. Add your HTML for your button or link on the new line. This example uses a CSS class called “readmore” to align the link to the right and make the text large and red:
    • <div class="readmore">Read More</div>
      <pre>.readmore {
      float: right;
      font-size: 20px;
      font-weight: bold;
      text-transform: uppercase;
      color: red;
  4. Save the changes or create a custom copy of the widget and upload the file to wp-content/themes/yourtheme/ocmx/widgets
  5. Any custom styles can be added to the Custom CSS under Theme Options > General