If your logo is larger than the theme default, the header padding will be off by however much taller your logo is. This causes the title bar text on Personal, Flatpack and Dynamo to appear too close to the top of the page, or some content may appear cut off.

This article/adjustment is part of your theme’s Configure Theme Options article. Read through your Theme Documentation to ensure other important settings are not missed!

The Solution

You will need to add Custom CSS to compensate for your logo image height if using the Full Width layout. This is to ensure the parallax scripting(the effects that allow parts of the page to move independently of one another or overlap  on scroll) knows where the header ends.

  1. Go to Theme Options and locate the Custom Styling section, typically on the General tab
  2. Enter the following code into the Custom CSS box:
    #content-container{padding-top: 100px;}
    @media only screen and (max-width: 1024px) { 
    #content-container{padding-top: 0px;} 
  3. Click Save Changes
  4. You may need to adjust the padding amount number (highlighted in red) up or down depending on how large your logo is, until the title or slider sits comfortably in the layout (refresh your site in a different browser tab after saving to see your changes.


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