The Problem

“How do I change the color or style of the dots in the nav menu?”

The Solution

To change the color of the menu links, go to AppearanceCustomize.

The border color is changed in the border color option.

If you wish to change or remove the underline color independently of the main hover color, add the following to the Custom CSS box in Theme Options

ul#nav li a:hover, .current-menu-item a{border-color: red;}

To hide it

ul#nav li a:hover, .current-menu-item a{border: 0px !important;}

The dots are sprites, not actual bullets. You can use custom css to replace it with your own image:

  1. Create an image no larger than 16px by 16px and upload it to WordPress under Media  → Add New.
  2. Make note of the the image url from the right side once it is done uploading.
  3. Go to Theme Options and copy/paste the following into the Custom CSS box
    ul#nav li {
        background: url("YOUR IMAGE URL") no-repeat !important;
  4. Replace YOUR IMAGE URL with the url from your media manager.
  5. Click Save Changes

To hide the dots completely, use the following code:

ul#nav li {
    background: none transparent !important;