After installing or activating a theme with WooCommerce active, you may notice your shop pages don’t look right. This is caused by not setting the page templates on the pages, or having the wrong pages assigned to each section in WooCommerce, or using a theme that does not support WooCommerce directly.

Below is an example of Handmade Two’s shop page if it is not assigned to the Shop Template correctly:


You must have an eCommerce theme installed to ensure WooCommerce pages format corrctly. Each of our themes with WooCommerce support has the “eCommerce” subtext or states it supports WooCommerce on the theme product page. For Clean Cut and MagPress, note that you must have the  eCommerce child theme active.

The Solution

If you are using a theme that specifically supports WooCommerce, visit your theme’s Product Documentation and go through the article titled “Verify Your WooCommerce Shop Pages.”

If that is all set, but your images are off, head over to Images Are Blurry, Pixelly, Wrong Size or Being Stretched, Poor Quality, etc

If you are not using a theme that has integrated WooCommerce support, ensure “Use WooCommerce CSS” is checked under WooCommerce Settings, and that your Shop, Cart and Checkout pages are set to the Full Width page template.


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