The Problem

If you have a theme released after June 2013, it probably comes with a Page widget. Check your theme documentation for details.

The Solution

Unfortuately the widget is built around categories and the option to show a custom post type, so it is not a quick modification to change it to look for pages instead.  we have to recommend an Approved Modifier for this change as it will take a few hours to do. There are other plugins that will provide a similar function without going through the trouble of modifying the theme widgets. The following outlines how to use the Featured Page Widget plugin in themes that do not have an Obox Page Widget.

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New and search for “Featured Page Widget”. Install thast widget , then drag it into your Home panel on the Widget page. Choose your four pages, then set it to the following:
  2. Standard with border
  3. Number to show = 4
  4. Check “do not include current post” and remove the excerpt number
  5. Use Thumbnail as Page Image
  6. Align Center
  7. Choose featured-page-image-full (200×125)
  8. Click Save, then go to Theme Options and add the following to the Custom CSS box:
.featured-post-widget {
float: left;
clear:none !important;
width: 22.65%;
margin: 0px 2.127660% 20px 0px;

You will need to set a featured image on the pages using the WordPress “Set featured image” method and because it scales by width, I recommend using xact dimensions (200×125) or similar (400×300)

We do not provide support for this plugin, so the advice offered is as-is! This plugin will probably not scale responsively if you are using a responsive theme.